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Leiby Kletzky: Inspiring Unity

July 22, 2011 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

I am silent. I have not spoken. I have not expressed opinion. I have not shared my thoughts. I have simply sat and pondered. Davened and cried. Closed my eyes and asked the Higher Power to give me clarity of mind. How am I to fathom the terrible tragedy that [Read more…]

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Match Made In Heaven: A Story

May 27, 2011 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

I would like to share a beautiful story sent to me by my third grade Rebbe, Rabbi Baruch Lederman of San Diego, California. I strongly suggest you sign up for his inspiring weekly “ShulWeek” newsletter by clicking here! Hashem orchestrates the world and takes care of us in amazing unexpected [Read more…]

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Rav Aviner on… I Want to be Sephardi

July 22, 2010 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

[Be-Ahavah U-Be-Emunah – Devarim 5770 – translated by R. Blumberg] Forgive me, Rav Berger, Forgive me, Rav Meltzer, I’m really trying, I’m really striving to get my son into your institution. I don’t know exactly what’s involved, But I’m not succeeding. Could it be my name? My accent? My skin [Read more…]

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The Levites of Today: A simple thank you?

June 30, 2010 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 4

This past week, I had the great honor and merit to attend Isralight‘s annual rabbinical conference held in the heart of Jerusalem. From community rabbis, to teachers, education center directors and Yeshiva rebbeim, we formed a small  but powerful group of rabbis willing to make a difference in the education [Read more…]

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“Rebbe, My Girlfriend is Not Jewish”

October 29, 2009 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

The following fascinating private audience between the Rebbe and a Brazilian college student took place on Yud Shvat 1980. During the Yechidus the Brazilian student brought up his relationship with a non-Jewish woman, wanting to hear the Rebbe’s opinion. “Rebbe, my girl friend, who is not Jewish, and I, are [Read more…]

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