Don’t You Wan’t To Be Eulogized?

November 28, 2016 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 2

I once had an extremely unsettling conversation that left its marks on me until this very day. [I wish to note the following disclaimer: as disdainful as some of these sentiments may sound, they did not come from a malicious place, but from a place of having been programmed as [Read more…]

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

November 15, 2016 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 1

Peace is not always the best solution to a conflict. There, I said it. How many times have we been taught that we must always forgive, but never taught that there are those which our Torah does not demand us to forgive? How often have we heard that we must judge everyone favorably, but [Read more…]

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The Levites of Today: A simple thank you?

June 30, 2010 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 4

This past week, I had the great honor and merit to attend Isralight‘s annual rabbinical conference held in the heart of Jerusalem. From community rabbis, to teachers, education center directors and Yeshiva rebbeim, we formed a small  but powerful group of rabbis willing to make a difference in the education [Read more…]

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Money That Matters

March 18, 2009 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 2

“These are the accounts of the Mishkan (tabernacle), the Mishkan of the testimony, as were rendered according to the commandment of Moshe, through the service of the Leviim, by the hand of Itamar, the son of Aharon the Priest.” (Shemot 38:21) “These are the accounts: In this parashah, all the [Read more…]

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Parashat Va’era

January 27, 2009 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 3

As Jews, in the year 2009, we have to asses our situation. How many of us, are in our own “Egypt”, our own troubles in which we cannot see escape? How many of us feel so spiritually distant from our Creator, as if we too were on the 49th level of impurity? How many of us have something in our lives, which we so desperately need to overcome, but cannot?!