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Mazal Tov to Rabbi Avi and R’ Levi!

August 2, 2012 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

  ימא טבא לרבנן Mazal Tov to Rabbi Avi Kozma! On your additional Semicha! Rabbi Yoni and all of us at would like to wish a special Mazal Tov to Rabbi Yoni’s dear friend and study partner, Rabbi Avi Kozman shlit”a, Former Chief Rabbi of the Republic of Macedonia, [Read more…]

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Birthday Blessings from Rabbi Yoni

May 2, 2012 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

I’m not wishing myself a Happy Birthday! Tonight (the 11th of Iyar) is my Hebrew Birthday. How old am I? Well, I’d rather not divulge that information! 🙂 I recall a few years ago, a discussion I had with one of my Rebbeim, the Kalever Rebbe shlit”a of Williamsburg. I [Read more…]

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I Don’t Even Know How To Respond

January 4, 2012 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 3

Warning: Some content discussed may be uncomfortable for some audiences or unsuitable for some ages. Discretion is advised. While Rabbi Yoni generally tries to stray from being carried away by current politics or controversies, many have asked for his official response to this issue. This article in no way represent [Read more…]

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Leiby Kletzky: Inspiring Unity

July 22, 2011 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

I am silent. I have not spoken. I have not expressed opinion. I have not shared my thoughts. I have simply sat and pondered. Davened and cried. Closed my eyes and asked the Higher Power to give me clarity of mind. How am I to fathom the terrible tragedy that [Read more…]

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Match Made In Heaven: A Story

May 27, 2011 Rabbi Yonatan Halevy 0

I would like to share a beautiful story sent to me by my third grade Rebbe, Rabbi Baruch Lederman of San Diego, California. I strongly suggest you sign up for his inspiring weekly “ShulWeek” newsletter by clicking here! Hashem orchestrates the world and takes care of us in amazing unexpected [Read more…]