Despicable Jewish Guilt

img_6302This horrid image has been making its rounds. I’m momentarily putting aside people using the Holocaust for whichever gain they wish.

Do we have no other way – aside from ugly guilt – to encourage people to connect to Hashem with Tefillin?

How much longer will we shove this venom down the throats of Hashem’s children?

Chazal dedicated their lives to codifying Jewish law and philosophy in order to demonstrate the sophistication of Hashem’s Torah, and THIS is all Jews today can come up with?

The Rambam proclaimed to the whole word the light and intelligence of Judaism, and the three rabbis on my Facebook feed can only regurgitate THIS?

I’m done. Friends, let’s bring back real Torah please. We’re running out of time!

(The photo reads: “Your fathers in the Holocaust had 5 minutes to put on Tefillin – but you don’t???”)

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