A True Jewish Leader

ballot_box2I went outside today, on my way to Yeshiva, and felt something different in the air. It was freezing outside, but that wasn’t it. Everywhere, were kids with different colored shirts, standing in front of their respective party’s banners. Some were handing out fliers and pictures, while others were sharing words of encouragement with their supporters. Today, was election day in Israel.

I am not a politician, but I know one thing. Israel needs a leader. Not one of the “leaders” it has had in the past. Not “leaders” who know nothing about their heritage, and therefore give away pieces of the land of Israel, or even consider splitting the city of Jerusalem more than it already is. Not “leaders” who are nothing but lemmings, followers, of other governments wishes and demands.

How often have I heard someone say in frustration: “what kind of Jewish Prime Minister would do that?!”. The real question: what defines a Jewish Prime Minister?

In these weeks, as we continue forward in the Torah reading, we see a lot written about Moshe Rabbeinu, our Rabbi, our leader. Moshe was a selfless leader. One who cared about his nation above all else. Who was it who stood before G-d Himself, and said “If You wish to destroy my people, then I demand that you erase me from Your book!”. Who stood there in the midst of war with his hands raised, being supported by two other men, so that his nation would win. Moshe.

Yet at the end of the day, ask our Rabbis: was it really Moshes hands who won the war? Of course not! Rather, when they would look up at Moshes hands, they would look towards the Heavens, and pray to G-d with all their heart and soul – and then, G-d caused them to overcome the evil in their path.

Are we not the children of that very same nation, who fought bravely to upkeep its Torah and dignity? Was Moshe not our leader as well?

A Jewish leader, is one who remains true to His G-d, and encourages his nation to do so as well. One who knows the morals and ethics that were given to us on Mount Sinai to be the absolute truth, and will not budge from them even an iota. That is a Jewish leader.

It is incumbent upon everyone who fulfills their mitzvah, and votes today, to realize that anyone who is running in these elections, who does not have a kippa resting proudly on his head, and tzitzit clothing his body – is not a Jewish leader, rather one who we know from now that will do things we know are wrong, as Jews. Use your judgment. Do not vote for a leader who has already turned his back on his own G-d – for he will only make sure to turn his back on his nation as well.

Even those who are not in Israel and are unable to vote, there is nothing stronger than the power of prayer. Please, from the bottom of my heart, make sure you pray for the right people.

Rabbi Meir Kahane, may Hashem avenge his blood, once said: “A government that has no G-d, lifts its eyes unto Washington”. We have a G-d, and we must rely only on Him!

We  are an independent people, a free nation. Let us live as such! Our Rabbis teash us: “Who is free? One who follows the Torah”. Let us raise high the banner of Judaism and Torah, show it to the world, to our people. Let us turn to G-d and say “Hashem! We want to come back to you, to be your people! Please, give us the power to do so!”

I guarantee you, that if we as a whole, can look up at the Hevens, and mean so honestly, our next leader will not be one with graying hair sitting in the Knesset building – he will be none other than Mashiach himself!

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